In early 2019, Boulder Progressives was formed by a group of over 40 diverse people from around Boulder city and county representing a broad range of community members concerned that the voice of the people was being lost to the demands and debate of the privileged elite political class that has long dominated Boulder politics and leadership.

Our aim is to build a grassroots coalition that cannot be ignored, that will elect leaders that are genuinely vested in representing all of Boulder’s citizens, and that will hold our elected officials accountable. If you share our mission, please join us and get involved.

If you have questions for us or suggestions for how we can better support all of the people of Boulder, please join us at one of our meetups, or contact us via email. And thank you!

Steering Committee

Masyn Moyer

Full time slayer, fire starter, cat herder, mother of warriors, modern hippie, 100% activated.

Jasen Thorpe

Boulder resident since 2012; father, husband, marketer, outdoor sports nerd, judoka. Doing my best to see the world through an inclusive, human lens as we work to address human rights issues, including climate change, housing, education, transportation, health, and governance

Claudia Hanson Thiem

Mountain-loving, food-gardening, cohousing mom-on-a-bike. Board member at Boulder Housing Coalition and Boulder Cooperative Food. Community columnist for the Daily Camera. Exploring justice, equity, and climate action through housing, transportation, and land use policy.

Ja’mal Gilmore

Building community, mentoring youth, and cutting hair at Brooklyn Barber Academy. Little league coach and radio host. Awesomely awesome and here to get shit done. Prairie dogs don’t pay taxes.

SarahDawn Haynes

Proud CU alum, now supporting student leadership at the CU Environmental Center. Co-op dweller, trail crew leader, aunt and godmother. Connecting the dots between social justice, economy, and environment.

Lisa White

Transit, bike, and pedestrian advocate. Walking the walk on walkable neighborhoods. Happiest when learning something new: swing dance, tai chi, improv, public speaking…and now local politics.

Mark Van Akkeren

Liaison. Arbiter. Observer. Strategist. Building products, people, and organizations. Catalyst for high performance. Caution: rhymes with snark.

Ryan Welsh

Designer, maker, and fixer of things. Bike commuter with a heart of gold and titanium frame. Crack graphic designer and uppity Extinction Rebel. But maybe, at this moment, in the mountains.