Our Candidates

The following four candidates have distinguished themselves among their peers as being most aligned with these vital goals and criteria. All have shown a level of empathy we believe is required in honorable and progressive city councillors.

Lauren Folkerts– Lauren is an architect, sustainable design specialist, and president-elect of the Colorado Green Building Guild. Additionally, she chairs the Design Advisory Board for the City of Boulder. We are excited about her passion for combating climate change and her deep understanding of the connections between community, land use, infrastructure, beautiful design, and our environmental impact. We look forward to her helping Boulder align our green values with green policy.

Lauren Folkerts: For Boulder Folks!

Dan Williams– As a volunteer for the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado, Dan has experience championing the rights of the people. He has represented victims of sexual assault and defended citizens against the overreach of powerful government. We are thrilled for Dan’s empathetic leadership and ability to put forth a shared understanding that carries us all forward. We believe Dan will be a voice for equity, for all Boulder citizens.

Dan Williams: Boulder for all of us

Nicole Speer– Nicole is a scientist and mother who is committed to equity and justice. We’ve witnessed her advocacy with the Boulder County NAACP and civic engagement through the First Congregational Church of Boulder, and know first hand her dedication to our city. Her candidacy began with the question: “how can I be of service to the community?”. Her core issues include housing and racial justice, addressing homelessness, and climate resiliency.

Nicole Speer for Boulder

Matt Benjamin – Father, scientist, and consensus builder, Matt bridges the progressive and business sides of the aisle. We love his involvement at the city level the last few years, including a previous council run, organizing The Boulder Coalition, and successfully leading the Our Mayor Our Choice ballot measure. We anticipate his understanding and insights on issues ranging from flood protection, to citywide land use and zoning will lead to forward-looking outcomes.

Matt Benjamin: Future First 

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