Boulder Progressives Announce 2019 Boulder City Council Endorsements

26 Aug, 2019, Boulder, CO – Boulder Progressives are endorsing five candidates for the 2019 Boulder City Council election. The candidates were selected after consideration of their record (if incumbents), public service, education, career and life experience, and alignment with Boulder Progressives values and initiatives. Consideration was also given to participation in the June 24 Raucous Caucus candidate forum, written responses to questionnaires, interviews, and input from other Boulder organizations, community leaders and individuals aligned with Boulder Progressives.

Boulder Progressives see human rights, climate change, housing and transportation as the most critical issues in Boulder, Boulder County, and beyond. These issues are inextricably linked. We see shelter as a basic human need, and believe that through the construction of more housing of various types at affordable price points, in combination with smart transportation policy, design and implementation, we can begin to build a more diverse and accessible Boulder worthy of the community’s liberal values, while better addressing climate change through the reduction of car dependence and in-commuting. We also advocate for the city to provide more humane, consistent and accessible homeless services, and strongly support the establishment of an empowered police oversight commission. We look to the next city council to do a better job of setting cultural and behavioral expectations for a police force that will work for and with all of the people of Boulder, regardless of race or socio-economic status, and in ways that show empathy and compassion.

And we are glad to endorse the following five candidates who have distinguished themselves among their peers as being most aligned with these goals and criteria:

Aaron Brockett– as an incumbent, Brockett has an established voting record on Boulder issues, and of the current council is most aligned with Boulder Progressives values and initiatives. Repeatedly, we have seen Brockett look to find a path forward on contentious issues in a way that serves the greater good. We look forward to seeing Brockett re-elected so he can continue to put his even-handed, fair-minded, compassionate leadership to work in service of the people, the city and the region.

Junie Joseph– Joseph will bring a number of fresh perspectives to the Boulder City Council. With an established record advocating for human rights in Colorado and internationally, Joseph has served with the United Nations, and locally on the (Boulder County) Health and Human Services Citizen Panel Review and Community Corrections Board. She has degrees in political science, anthropology, and applied human rights, and is currently studying law at CU Boulder.

Rachel Friend– As an attorney and activist, Friend has focused her efforts on social justice, advocating for asylum seekers, individuals with disabilities, domestic violence survivors, and abused children and elderly persons. Locally, she is best known for her efforts to get the current council to effectively address flood mitigation through the CU South planning process to protect residents health and safety.

Benita Duran – A former Boulder Assistant City Manager, Duran has been a city resident and civic leader for over 25 years. She has served on the boards of the YWCA, Family Learning Center, Intercambio, Attention Homes and Watershed School, as well as the Community Foundation of Boulder, the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, Boulder Community Health, and the State Economic Development Commission.

Mark McIntyre – A 42-year Boulder resident and CU graduate, McIntyre currently serves on the Transportation Advisory Board, and was appointed to the Boulder Campaign Finance Working Group after the 2017 election, creating what is now Boulder’s election finance code. McIntyre sets a goal for continuous improvement in equity, justice, democracy, and environment which guides his thinking on governance and policy. As a member of TAB, McIntyre was instrumental in creating the opportunity for advanced multi-use road construction on the North Broadway redevelopment project.

Please join us in supporting these candidates through the campaigning period and the election this November. Thank you!

About Boulder Progressives:

Boulder Progressives was formed by a group of over 40 people from Boulder city and county, representing a broad range of community members concerned that the voice of the people was being lost to the demands and debate of the privileged elite political class that has long dominated Boulder politics and leadership. We particularly focus on human rights, climate change, housing and transportation, issues which we see as inextricably linked.

Our aim has been to build a grassroots coalition that cannot be ignored, that will elect leaders that are genuinely vested in representing all citizens, and that will hold our elected officials accountable. If you share our mission, please join us and get involved

We’re counting on small donors to assist us in getting these candidates elected. Even $10 makes a big difference. Help push progressive values in Boulder by donating here.

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We are an unofficial candidate committee supporting Aaron Brockett, Benita Duran, Rachel Friend, Junie Joseph, and Mark McIntyre for the 2019 Boulder City Council elections. Our activities and fundraising are guided by Boulder Municipal Code Title 13. Paid for by Boulder Progressives UCC. Not affiliated with any candidate or candidate committee.